Ringwood Hall wedding day

Simon and Selina wedding day at Ringwood Hall – 18.2.23

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Ringwood Hall wedding day
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Ringwood Hall wedding in Chesterfield
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Ringwood Hall wedding
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Bride and groom at ringwood hall wedding day

Ringwood Hall is a very popular wedding venue in Chesterfield, it’s a fantastic 19th Century Manor House and was the chosen location for Simon and Selina’s wedding day – I couldn’t wait. There are so many lovely places in the hall and grounds to capture great pictures with couples which makes it a real pleasure to photograph at.

I arrived on the morning of the wedding with my second shooter Tom and we nipped to see Selina and her bridal party in one of the fabulous rooms at Ringwood Hall. There was lots of laughter and excited as the prep was underway getting all the girls ready but things turned serious as we found out the registrars might not attend due to a mix up with the paperwork. The staff at Ringwood worked tirelessly to try and sort out the mix up whilst Selina was having her hair and make up finished off by one of the bridesmaids, Chelsea.

After a tense hour or so, a big smile appeared on Selina’s mums face as the registrars had arrived and the proceedings were back underway! Phew, close call!

Mum helped Selina into her wedding dress and she looked absolutely stunning. There were a few little tears of joy from the girls as they looked on with smiles on their faces and it was a lovely little moment.

Simon had now arrived at the venue with their dog, Thompson, and that pup sure knew how to work the camera! After a few pictures with them, all the guests were ushered into the ceremony room to await the big arrival of Selina.

As the music started, I could see the anticipation in Simon’s eyes but his smile said everything as Selina walked into the room with her brother. She looked beautiful and it was a wonderful ceremony full of smiles, laughter and tears. We then headed outside for some pictures and drinks as the happy couple celebrated.

The speeches were fab and the first dance was one that I’ll definitely remember, I captured the moment perfectly as Simon whisked Selina off her feet and spun her round like a princess. The dancing went well into the night with the happy couple, friends and family all having an incredible time

It was an amazing day and I am so glad I got to be a part of it. I wish you both all the best for the future…….Matt

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